November 2016

New paintings all framed and ready for delivery to Gladwell and Patterson gallery to form part of their Winter Collection, preview 22nd November.

June 2015

New painting. This painting features as it’s subject a herb called Golden Feverfew. Not culinary, but medicinal, just the thing to take if your aim is to have fewer fevers. The herb sits in a clay pot on a shelf in the potting shed amongst the gardener’s well used tools and a packet of seeds he has begun to sow. The size of the painting is 50 x 70 cms and it is painted in oils on a gesso panel.

July 2015

New painting just finished. A very small,  13 x 18 cms, painting of a Purple Sage in a Victorian clay pot. A commission from someone who collects only very small paintings. Sage has a particularly complicated and distinctively textured leaf that is very difficult to capture. Here I have also shown two of the early stages in the paintong.

July 2015

Just begun the first of a series of small herb paintings - another Golden Feverfew. The challenge is to place each subject within a small panel and still keep them as near to actual size as possible in order to maintain the trompe l’oeil effect. Plus, for added fun, all the while they are being painted they continue to grow.

July 2015

New painting, Golden Feverfew, varnished then framed and ready to deliver to Gladwell and Patterson.

May 2015

Invited by Gladwell and Patterson to spend two days painting in the Artist’s garden they had created on their stand at The Chelsea Flower Show. Endless posing for photographs and videos  pl;us lots of interesting conversations. Not a huge amount ofg painting got done but great fun. Looking forward to doing the same next year!

May 2015

Two new paintings delivered to Gladwell and Patterson to show on the gallery’s stand at The Chelsea Flower Show and in their summer show in the gallery at 5 Beauchamp Place.

December 2014

Two new paintings delivered to Gladwell and Patterson for their annual Christmas Show.

November 2015

A new little painting finished. Olives in a White Bowl, 13 x 18 cms. Lots of different textures and reflections.

October 2015

Two new paintings, both small. The Chilli Powder and Corander is 10 x 15 cms and the Olives in a Blue Dish is a little bigger, 13 x 18 cms.

New painting - another Golden Feverfew, 18 x 24 cms (7” x 9.5”). Third time I have painted this herb this year.

All three new little paintings framed. All were shown at the Boston Fine Arts Fair where they all sold.

September 2015

Inspired by the challenge of working in such a small scale for the triptych I have continued the theme with three even smaller paintings, each just 10 x 15 cms (4” x 6”). Subjects are pomegranate seeds, raspberries and turmeric.

Thyme in a Clay Pot, the final painting of the herb triptych completed and all three delivered to Gladwell and Patterson.

August 2015

I have just finished this commissioned painting of a Golden Feverfew. The size is small, 13 x 18 cms. Now I have started the final painting of the series, a Thyme plant, which will form a triptych with the Purple Sage and this Golden Feverfew.

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December 2016

Just finished this short film of one of my latest small paintings. Amazingly, I was able to film the painting being sold at the Gladwell and Patterson Winter Collection private view. A film with a happy ending.

January 2017

 This short film has just been published on YouTube.  It follows the making of my recent painting ‘Ready for Planting’.  The film shows the creative process from setting the composition to adding a signature to the finished painting and offers interesting insights into my working methods and my thought process.  

January 2017

 A short clip just published showing that a broad bean, ready to sow, can be a thing of beauty. Shape, texture and colour in one tiny package.

February 2017

The beginnings of my new painting. A few of my favourite things laid out ready to begin work.


February 2017

 These five little paintings are being exhibited this month on the Gladwell and Patterson stand at Palm Beach Art and Antiques Show, Florida.

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